Privacy policy

While using the System, Players give confidential information to Administration. Such information is a subject to be storaged in compliance with individual security measures. The administration undertakes to respect the confidentiality of personal data, to ensure its preservation using hi-tech architecture techniques, methods and procedures for hardware and software.

Terms and definitions

System - website "BetTens", located on the domain, BetTens application software for mobile phones, tablets, personal computers and the website.
Player - Internet user authorized in the System.

The Player's agreement with the privacy policy of the service BetTens

On registering in the System and using the System, the Player agrees to the terms of this privacy Policy. The Administration reserves the right to modify, delete and add points to this privacy Policy without further notice to Players. All changes to the privacy Policy are posted on the Web site of the System. On continuing usage of the System Player completely agrees with the current version of the Privacy Policy.
In this case, the Player agrees that the User agreement takes precedence over this Policy in terms of interpretation of clauses, definitions and terms, with the existence of provisions to the contrary.
All terms and definitions have the meaning indicated in the User agreement.

Policy collection and storage of confidential information

In the process of creating Account in the System, the Player specifies the data that can be classified as personal. Including: Name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number and password. In addition, confirmation is required of the Player on reaching the age of 18 or the age of majority in the jurisdiction at the location of the Player.

With the beginning of this program, the Player agrees to the accessing and use of management and third parties acting on behalf of the Administration, information on the location of the Player and other information are available when defining the Device to the Player. In addition, the System collects data about the Device the Player operating system and the available technical specifications of the Device.

The administration has the right to use the information received to determine the identity of the Player with third parties, including financial institutions, credit bureaus and other agencies.

In case of disagreement of the Player with this privacy Policy, the volume of information collected and how it is applied, the Player shall immediately cease using the System.

The administration and others acting on behalf of the Administration, uses collected information for the following purposes:

  • Providing the Player a full range of Services.

  • Handling incoming and outgoing financial transactions.

  • Identification and verification of the uniqueness of the Account.

  • The collection and analysis of statistical data.

  • Confirm the location of the Player and determining the applicable jurisdiction.

  • Ensuring compliance with legislative requirements.

  • Marketing research.

The administration has the right to publicize confidential data of the Player in the following valid cases:

  • The requirement of a third party that processes payments.

  • The collection requirement when setting up to call of duty Player.

  • In the case of protecting their own rights.

  • Requirement of credit bureaus in the identification of the identity of the Player.

  • Требование суда или любого другого законодательного орагна.

  • The requirement of a court or any other legislative oragne

  • Third parties working on behalf of the Administration.

In addition, the administration has the right to disclose confidential information on request of the Player.

The administration expects the use of e-mail addresses for a Player of mailings containing information on current promotions, events, launch of new versions of the product, in addition to the technical support of the Player. The player has the right to opt out of receiving such emails by following the instructions included in each email.

If the Player has accumulated arrears to Online Limited when you retract the payment, denial or the return of deposits, the administration has the right to transfer personal information of the Player in the credit Bureau, recording of accrued liabilities and transfer this information to third parties, dealing with such issues.

The player's name may be published and promulgated only with the consent of the Player.
The Player's name, specified at registration, must meet the requirement of real name, as this information will be used when validating financial transactions.

Depositing and withdrawing funds

And when you make a withdrawal the Player provides personal information including credit card number, or number of the electronic purse, depending on the chosen method of depositing or making. The player should inform about the change of personal data. The data of the Player the company may transfer to a third party that processes the payments.

Protection of information

Online Limited company applies maximum efforts to preserve all confidential information of the Player, including software and hardware and the latest advances in encryption and network security systems.

The player must also make an effort to save data of the Player Account in secret, as it gives direct access to confidential Player information, including payment.

Access to confidential information

Access to confidential Player information have members of the Administration and her authorized persons, including the company, listed in paragraph 2.6 of this Policy.
All persons having access to confidential information are obliged to respect the data protection laws in the same degree as the Administration itself.

The right of a Player to the confidential information

The player has the right to review and obtain copies of confidential information available to the Administration. The player must make a request by e-mail In implementing this request, the Administration has the right to require proof of identity of the Player. In some cases, the administration has the right to charge a fee to cover the costs associated with the implementation of such request.

Online Player data

Game BetTens uses Cookies to store various information about the Player, including the country of residence, previous inputs and information on the statistical data to improve System performance.