End User License Agreement

This document is a public offer (which will further be referred to as the "offer") and governs the operation of the service "BetTens", and also mutual obligations of the parties interacting in the framework of this service. The website "BetTens", all mobile and stationary applications affiliated with this service, hereinafter referred to as "System", in the face of the company-the operator of this Online Limited the public offer concludes with the “Player” this “Offer” after its registration in the “System”. The fact of registration “Player” confirms its agreement to all items on this “Offer”. The service administration "BetTens" (“Administration”) reserves the right to change the terms of this public offer without the approval of the "Players".

Terms and definitions

System - service website "BetTens", located on the domain gametens.com, the application program (the client program) BetTens for mobile phones, tablets, personal computers, web site, and to any other device available, as well as appearing in the future, and any other software, which auxiliary software applications, including web programs, client/server interaction.
Administration - office Online Limited, leading the entire operation of the System.
Website - service site “BetTens”, located to the address on the Internet www.gametens.com.
Player - the logged in user of the Internet.
Games dollars(Dollars) - the in-game currency that the Player can Deposit or withdraw via one of the methods presented in the System.
Game points(Points) – the in-game currency, available for depositing or withdrawing.
Draw - the process of determining the winner at the table.
The tournament - is a staged draw, which may be one or few winners.
Syndicate - s a community of players to increase the odds of winning a prize. In the syndicate, if one player receives a prize, it is split equally between all syndicate participants.
Active syndicate - syndicate in which at least one participant takes part in the draw.
The prize – is fixed and known in advance to all participants the amount of money (in any currency), which is recorded on the account of a participant which became the winner or one of the winners in the tournament.
Game account – the account of each Player, which displays the current number of game points.
Cash account – the account of each Player that displays the availability of funds from the participant (typed or won).
Achievements are the facts run by the player or other predetermined conditions. Achievements are usually accompanied by rewards.

  1. General provisions

    1. The administration reserves the right to amend this Offer without further alerts the Players about the changes. In addition, to implement its business purposes or due to changes in legislation, the administration has the right izmeniti the requirements to log in or website. The player is obliged to monitor the timeliness of the information on the website.

    2. If Player disagree with the published text of the Offer, he is obliged immediately to cease using the System and all related services. Your continued use of the System automatically means the Player's agreement with the published text of the Offer.

  2. Requirements for the Player

    1. By registering in the System the Player confirms that he has reached the age of 18 or the age of majority defined by the jurisdiction of location of the Player. Or, if it is determined by jurisdiction of location of the Player, confirmed Mozart where legally permitted gambling. The administration has the right at any time to request podtverjdenie age of the Player and in the absence of documents confirming the delivery of losarta immediately close the access of the Player to the System, delete the Account and all data, including financial.

    2. Gambling and games for money are illegal in the jurisdictions of certain countries, including but not limited to USA, Spain, Italy, France, UK. The player's sole responsibility to inquire about the legality of the use of the System and also provide her services. The player assumes all risks and liability in connection with the use of the System in the jurisdiction of their country. The administration is not responsible for any unauthorized and illegal use of the System.

    3. The player acknowledges that, during use of the System there is the risk of loss of the deposited funds. Company Online Limited shall not be liable to Player for damages resulting from the use of the System.

    4. The player should not be in the system of self-exclusion in any of the existing gaming sites, ie the Player is not knowingly and voluntarily locked in any of the existing game systems, according to the policy about responsible gaming. If the Player has activated the service of self-exclusion in any slot service, he shall immediately notify the Administration and to stop using the System.

    5. Player agrees that while using the System it provides its confidential information to the Administration and third parties acting on behalf of and in the interests of the Administration. Rules of use and storage, all cases and special conditions with respect to confidential information of the Player contained in the privacy Policy. If a Player does not agree with the privacy Policy, he shall immediately cease using the System.

  3. Governing law

    1. Offer and all related to it issues are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The fact of the use of the Player System confirms his consent to exclusive right to make any judgments in relation to disputes between Online Limited Player and only the courts of the state of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. With Online Limited has the full right to take against the Player's legal actions and submit to the Player in any other court of competent jurisdiction. In addition, the legal proceedings in one or more jurisdictions does not mean refusal from legal prosecution in other jurisdictions (both previous and in different times), to the extent permitted by the laws of the relevant jurisdictions.

  4. Intellectual property and copyright

    1. System, all related services, audio-visual and textual materials are subject to copyright and protected by law.

    2. Company Online Limited gives the Player a non-exclusive personal non-transferable right to install and use the System on a personal computer Player, or any other personal device of the Player that is compatible with the System, to gain access to the game and game servers BetTens.

    3. Company Online Limited and its licensors solely own all rights to the System, trademarks, text and audiovisual works associated with the System, the source code, structure and organization of the System, trade secrets, intellectual property and other rights. Players have no right (within the limits defined by applicable law):The player is obliged to immediately report all cases of misuse of the System, other Players or third parties about which Player became known. The player agrees to provide the Administration's full support in the investigation of such cases provided by the Player information.

      1. to copy, distribute, publish, reverse engineer (disassemble component parts of the source code), to modify or to transform the System or otherwise attempt to gain access to the source code to create similar Systems or programs, based on the source code of the System;

      2. sell, assign, sublicense, transfer, distribute or grant System for temporary use to third parties;

      3. to grant access to third parties on the Internet or otherwise;

      4. to export the System to any other country (whether by physical or electronic means);

      5. to use the System in any manner prohibited by applicable laws and regulations.

    4. Name BetTens, domain names gametens.com, www.gametens.com and all domain names of third level educated from this domain, trademarks and other names that are present in the System are trademarks owned by the company Online Limited.

    5. The content of the website, including but not limited to, textual materials, images and videos, music and audio tracks are copyright and are owned by the company and Online Limited or affiliated companies or persons. Players, as well as any other persons is strictly prohibited to copy, distribute, and otherwise use any content of the website without the written permission of the Administration.

    6. The player is obliged to ensure that the information hosted on the servers of the System, including, but not limited to avatar (user photo), granted to that name, the links in the profile will not infringe any intellectual property rights of any third party.

    7. The player gives the Administration an irrevocable, non-transferable right to use the names, images user to use this information for any purpose related to the System and the Web site, such as publishing press releases and news, publication of results and other cases.

  5. Confidential information, security and Player account

    1. To begin using the System, the Player must register by entering your valid e-mail, phone number, password, or use one of the existing social networks and make your first Deposit. During registration the Player must provide full and accurate information about yourself. The administration has the right at any time to request confirmation of personal information about the Player when receiving and sending payments. In case of noncompliance or refusal to provide this information, the Administration has every right not to process transactions of the Player and suspend his personal account in the System.

    2. Each Player is allowed to register only one account in the System. All additional accounts of the same Player are recognized as duplicates and are subject to immediate removal along with all information, including financial. Any transactions made from the duplicate account are void, all bets and winnings will be void and all funds deposited in the accounts records-a duplicate will be forfeited.

    3. Access to any account carried out by means provided in the registration data on the pair login-password, where the username, i.e. the unique identifier acts as an e-mail to the player and the password combination of numbers, letters and special characters, invented by the Player. In addition, access to a Player account may be made by means of authorization through social networks that were previously bound a Player to his account.

    4. The player is solely responsible for all acts performed on his behalf and account. Any unauthorized and/or unlawful actions using the credentials of a Player shall be considered performed by the Player.

    5. The player is obliged to keep confidential any information relating to its account or data. All responsibility for the confidentiality of account access is the responsibility of the Player. The player has no right to transfer this information to third parties, undertakes to make every effort to maintain the confidentiality of your account.

    6. In case of identifying violation by you of the terms of use of the System, including the age of the Player, being in a jurisdiction prohibiting use of the System and other violations, the Administration immediately stops the Player account, accept all transactions, bets and winnings on behalf of such Player invalid and returns the Player's cash net of commissions of payment systems. In addition, the administration has the right to require the Player to return all funds withdrawn from the System at the time of violation of the rules of use of the System.

    7. Administration guarantees the safety of confidential data of the Player, except in those cases where the data are used for public notification about winning or cases of litigation or requests administrative and legislative bodies. Detailed information about the collection and storage of sensitive Player information is in our privacy Policy.

  6. The deposits and withdrawals

    1. The player acknowledges that is the sole and rightful owner of all funds made to the System, as well as the completeness and accuracy of all these data, including credit cards and e-wallets.

    2. Persons residing in the territory of the United States of America do not have the right to access and/or replenish the account in cash. The company reserves the right to change the list of jurisdictions without prior notice. If You are located or reside in one of these jurisdictions, You agree not to access and/or use Your account on the website. Online gambling may be illegal in Your jurisdiction. If so, You may not use your payment card/electronic purse for making a Deposit on this web site.

    3. The player confirms that all entered into the System the funds obtained by the Player in a legal way and are not unlawful, criminal, prohibited or illegal origin.

    4. The player agrees that the administration has the right to carry out any checks against the Player, its identity and contact information for domestic investigations and inquiries from third parties At the time such inspections of any financial transactions may be suspended for the duration of the audit.

    5. Please note that cash held on the account in the System do not accrue interest. The account is not a Bank Deposit and is not insured, guaranteed and is not subject to any rules on Bank accounts

    6. If the account is replenished, all transactions that have a suspicious or fraudulent nature, including but not limited to, the use of stolen credit cards, mobile phone payments with post-payment (fraud), anulowania and returned payments will be cancelled, the Player account blocked and appropriate information about the Player transferred to law enforcement agencies.

    7. Rules and regulations governing withdrawals from players ' accounts can be found in our cashout policy. The administration reserves the right to use additional eligibility criteria to determine the player of withdrawal methods.

    8. A player may not use an amount greater than its BetTens account to place bets and withdraw funds.

    9. Any withdrawal request, the corresponding fee and Bank interest shall be paid by the Player.

    10. All funds can be withdrawn to the electronic purse or account from which it originated the account.

    11. According to the rules of MasterCard, Online Limited is unable to transfer the requested withdrawal funds to your card account MasterCard. Use other available methods of ordering payment in the checkout System.

    12. The player is solely responsible for paying all monies owed to BetTens, including fees and charges of payment systems. The player objasalsa not to make any chargebacks, and/or to withdraw and cancel payments that are made in favor of the System. The player is obliged to reimburse the company Online Limited amount of all committed Player returns, denials or reversal of payments, and all losses incurred by the company in connection with such returns, refusals and cancellations.

    13. The administration reserves the right to perform verification of solvency and/or the identity of the Player, with the help of third-party credit bureaus or agencies, using information provided by the Player upon registration in the System. Third-party credit institutions or organisations providing services, can store data, but they will not use it for any other purpose.

    14. The administration has the right to use third party payment processing centers for processing electronic payments and/or financial institutions for payments made by the Player or in favor of the Player in connection with the use of the System.

    15. The player is obliged in accordance with the laws of their country to pay taxes and other fees stipulated by the state all winnings received in the System. Administration, Online Limited and all its affiliates and the company are not tax agents for the Player and for the payment of taxes and other charges the Player are not liable.

  7. No warranty

    1. The system is provided to the Player for use “As is”. The administration makes no warranty regarding the quality of the System, its completeness, error-free work or of its separate parts.

    2. The administration does not guarantee continuous, error-free and timely System operation and fix all existing errors and inaccuracies, virus removal. However, the Administration is making maximum efforts to ensure high quality in providing services related to the use of the System.

    3. The administration has the right to carry out any work on updating, improving and changing the functionality of the System without prior notification of the Player.

    4. The administration is entitled to delete the Player account, including all financial information in violation of the Player usage rules of a System, without a separate notice to the Player.

  8. A ban on the use of the System

    1. Player is not allowed to disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer, modify the System or parts of it.

    2. The system is the Player's sole use and does not involve sharing, including relatives, friends, spouses and other family members.

    3. According to the law on money laundering, the Player is obliged to immediately provide information about their identity, such as a Bank statement or invoice for payment of utility services, if such information is necessary to transfer or otherwise confirm the identity of the Player. Thus, the Administration prohibits the use of the System as a tool for money laundering or fraud.

    4. The player has no right to use any artificial intelligence, the Player performing any action in the System. All actions the Player must perform personally by using the Player interface.

    5. The player agrees that the administration has the right to make any technical means available to identify any assumed as fraud schemes, the use of artificial intelligence and/or unauthorized malware.

    6. In case of detection of fraudulent schemes, participate in illicit, illegal activities with the use of the System, the administration has the full right to take any necessary action it deems adequate in the circumstances.

    7. Finding the Player within the jurisdiction of the countries that prohibit gambling, including USA, England, Italy and other, even temporary, imposes a total ban on the use of the System by the Player at the time of and prior to its arrival in the jurisdiction, authorizing the use of the System.

  9. Prohibited actions on the website and in the System

    1. The player has no right to post illegal, obscene, abusive, threatening, discriminatory or other content that may offend other Players of their religious feelings, as well as information on terrorist organizations and their activities, information about any unlawful action on the website and in the System by means of messages.

    2. It is prohibited to perform any actions that trigger malfunction of the website and Systems including but not limited to malware and viruses, spoofing packets, downloading of large amounts of information, implementation of DDOS attacks, hacking attempts and the search for ways of circumventing the protection System and the website. Player involved in such activity immediately removed from the System, all its funds confiscated, and Player data are transmitted to law enforcement agencies.

    3. The player has no right to sell or transfer your account to any third party. If you identified that the sale or transfer so the account will be banned and blocked.

  10. Breach of obligations

    1. For violation of Player rules of use of the System, or one of the points of this Offer fully or partially, the administration has the right to immediately block the Player account, seize all available funds and start against the Player any necessary legal action, including litigation.

    2. The player agrees to indemnify the company Online Limited all damages and costs associated with the Commission of an action against unfair Player and Voznesenie by reason of breach by the Player of the Offer.

  11. Limitation of liability

    1. The administration is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses of the Player associated with the use of the System, or improper use of the System.

  12. Dispute resolution

    1. The player automatically agrees that the data recorded on the servers BetTens are true and complete, and can be used as evidence in court. In case of discrepancies between the data that is displayed in your Personal profile, including in the history of the tournament and the Ribbon event, and data on servers BetTens will govern data stored on servers BetTens.

    2. A player may Lodge a complaint by contacting customer support via the Personal area of application, the Support tab.

    3. The player agrees that the data displayed in the Personal Cabinet are informational in nature and may be inaccurate and incomplete.

  13. Severability

    1. In the case of recognition of any paragraph hereof is illegal or invalid in any jurisdiction, the offer shall be considered legal and valid in all other jurisdictions. Also, this does not mean the invalidation of the Offer as a whole, but only illegal item in one or more jurisdictions.

  14. Assignment

    1. The administration reserves the right to assign this Offer, in whole or in part, at any time without notice. A player may not assign any of its rights or obligations under this Offer.
  15. Force majeure

    1. The administration cannot be responsible for any failure or delay in fulfillment of obligations caused by force majeure, including war, natural disasters, failure of telecommunication networks. popular unrest and other circumstances, Trochowski as force majeure.

    2. The player also released from liability in the event of force majeure. In this case the Player is obliged to notify about such circumstances not later than in three working days after the occurrence of such circumstances.

  16. Different

    1. No waiver by the company Online Limited from the right of claim for breach of any provision of this Offer (including the inability of the Administration to require strict and literal performance of or compliance with any provision hereof) shall be construed as a waiver in any subsequent breach of such provision or in connection with any other violation of any other provision hereof.

    2. The provisions of this agreement do not create any rights for third parties, except those who are authorized to act on behalf of the Administration and in its interests.

    3. This offer constitutes the entire understanding and means the agreement between the Player and the Administration on the use of Sistemoje and supersedes any previous agreements and understandings between the Player and the Administration.

    4. In case of any discrepancy between any translated versions of this Offer shall prevail version of this Offer in English.