How to play?

In order to start the game, click on the "Play" button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Play Button

You will be taken to the login page of the game. If you already have an account, you will need to enter your E-mail and password in the appropriate fields and click the Play button.

If you are new to the game, you must create an account. To do this, click Register.

Restration button

After clicking you will be taken to the register screen to register a new account.


During the registration process, you need to specify your valid E-mail address, create a password, choose the nickname that will be shown in game, provide your current phone, choose your country and accept the rules of the license agreement.

All fields are mandatory. Please make sure you entered a valid E-mail and phone! We will send a link to the specified E-mail address to complete the registration procedure and the phone will be used for payments.

You need to place tick the box confirming that you are the person, not a robot, and click Register.

Check your e-mail for a mail with a link to complete the registration process. Open that email, click on the link and go to the game. You need to enter the e-mail and password specified at registration.

Then you get into the game.

Main screen

You see the main game screen - the Lobby.

  1. Top menu. Using the top menu you can get to the other screens like messages, account settings, active tournaments, and bank. 
  2. Daily Bonus Credits. If you log into the game and wager a total of $1 and above, the bar will display your progress and you will receive gifts. Read more about Bonus Credits on our tutorials.
  3. A list of current open youth tournaments. The table shows: the number of participants rate number of prizes in the tournament, the completion of the tournament and the presence of the syndicate. You can choose any of the listed tournaments and join it by clicking on kenpoku to Play in the selected row of the tournament. 
  4. Quick play 1 on 1. Just choose your bet and seat number and press Play. You will pick up a player ready to play 1 on 1 at the same rate. 
  5. The main filter tournaments where you will be able to choose a game on its own or create a new one. Just below, we look at the filter.


The filter allows you to choose a tournament that suits you or create a new one with the specified parameters. Please note that the list of tournaments, to the left of the filter changes in real-time when filter applays.

  1. The type of bet. select which currency you want to play for Dollars or Bonus Credits. 
  2. Select the desired bet.
  3. Select the number of players.
  4. Select the number of prize places in the tournament.
  5. Specify the desired seat number. 
  6. Select a game with syndicates, or without them

After all the desired settings are specified, you can select the tournament from remaining in the list or click Play button and you get into the tournament, created with selected parameters.

In addition, all new players are egliable for one free tournament, with 0 bet size, but with real money prizes!

Before the game, please make sure that your game balance is positive!

Hover over the Bank Icon (the image of the purse in the top menu), and click "proceed To checkout".


You will get to the account top-up window. 

Cashier window

Enter amount that is equal to or greater than $3 and hit the Cash In button. Next, choose a convenient payment method - credit card or any other of the proposed methods and follow the instructions of the payment aggregator. Once payment is credited, you can start the game.

So, here we are, at the game table. 

Game Table

To take any game you need to click on it and choose the option to Take a seat from the drop-down list. You can take as many places as want. There are no restrictions on the number of seats for a single player. If you are playing in a tournament for 100 or more people, you can take several seats on single or multiple tables.

Choosing a number

Next you will be asked to choose a number. The chosen place is booked for you, but you have 15 seconds for each number. If you participate in a tournament where more than 1 round, you are prompted to specify the number immediately to participate in all rounds. If you participate in the tournament with Syndicates, you will be asked to also choose the syndicate.

If you have already chosen the place, chosen the number, then you can not cancel the participation in the tournament. You are charged for the amount of bets you made to participate in the game. The draw will be made automatically via a minute after all the places at all the tables of the tournament will be busy. The draw is carried out by adding up all the hidden at a table of numbers. The winner is the player whose number corresponds to the last digit of the sum of all table numbers.

You can wait for the end of the tournament on the table, or close the game, you will be notified on results of draw. But you can stay and see everything with your own eyes.

At the table statistics are also available:

  • Statistics are numbers that you usually play. 
  • A series of failures - all lesions will certainly lead to success! 
  • Tournament information indicating the prizes

Remember that you are playing with real people and your win or lose equally depends on all participants and the hidden numbers! Try, and fortune will smile upon you!