Игровые столы

Information in the right column of the table differs depending on the type of tournament.

For game table for 10 people interface looks like the following:

10 players table

  1. The table
    1. The avatar of the player.
    2. The number of the gaming seats at the table.
    3. The flag of the country of the player. 
    4. Player status - online/offline and number of stars. 
    5. The nickname of the player.
    6. Number. Before the draw all the correct number of other players are hidden by the question marks. 
  2. Block "My number." This section displays the statistics for all the hidden you numbers and winning percentage your lucky numbers, which brought the victory. 
  3. Block "Series of failures". Displays statistics of your losses in different types of tournaments. If you win in a certain type of tournament or when the prize for a series of setbacks, his statistics are reset and need to save defeat from the beginning. 
  4. Information about the tournament. 
  5. The amount, if any. 

Interface table for tournaments of 100 people or more without syndicates is a little different.


  1. Main table. 
    1. Please note that there is an additional button "Other table". With this button you can switch between different tables of a tournament and choose the best for you. 
  2. Information about your tables and places for them. You can quickly jump to the desired table using a special button. 
  3. Information about the tournament. 
  4. Information about your winnings, if any. 

And finally, at the tables in tournaments with the syndicates in the interface displays information about your syndicates:



As you can see, the interface table is different only in the presence of the block "My Syndicate". This block displays all the syndicates to which you belong in the current tournament. Remember that you can join into a syndicate each place involved in the tournament.